Mark P. Finlay Architects, AIA designs distinctive and award-winning architecture that blends a sharp sense of tradition with contemporary insight and technique. The result is architecture of unusual diversity that works for its owner and its environment.

Whether the project is residential, multi-family, corporate, commercial, or a historic renovation, Mark P. Finlay Architects creates architecture that makes a definitive statement while taking into consideration all aspects of design including the site conditions, a client's particular program requirements, building codes and zoning regulations.

The final products are contextual and cost efficient design solutions that effectively translate a client's personal or corporate image into reality: custom residences that complement their natural surroundings; commercial projects and master plans that enhance their urban settings. And, in either case, those projects are expedited by the firm's grasp of the intricacies of design development and production.

The staff at Mark P. Finlay Architects combines the skills and training that enable it to carry out a variety of projects ranging from residential additions to the implementation of complex site and master plans. Throughout, a client receives the individual attention that makes them a part of the custom design process, the staff guiding them from the initial concept to the completed project while remaining faithful to set goals and budget.

Such versatility has resulted in projects of impressive architectural scope: an award-winning "Streetscape" design for downtown Fairfield; an innovative approach that resulted in the rebirth of a historic diner and a 100-unit colonial village that sets a new standard for suburban development.

Mark P. Finlay Architects' commitment to quality and contextual aesthetic expression is governed by the ability to interpret a client's needs and the instinct to know what works where. That insight - coupled with pride in craftsmanship - has enabled the firm to provide a design product that elevates the business of building to the fine art of architecture.

The Staff